SB150 is a yearlong, community-wide celebration of our rich history as we forge our promising future.

SB150 will:

  • Emphasize and celebrate the role South Bend has played in our nation's history.

  • Show off our best in arts, culture, and heritage.

  • Motivate people to take part in the yearlong celebrations and increase citizen engagement.

  • Leave a positive legacy for South Bend residents to continue to build on our proud history.


Residents and organizations are encouraged to help celebrate South Bend’s milestone by hosting their own events throughout the year, from small neighborhood gatherings to sponsored community-wide festivals. Events can be simple or complex, and could include:

  • Attaching the SB150 logo to your advertising and promoting it through the SB150 marketing channels.
  • Hosting an event or offering product specials that cost $1.50.
  • Adapting the theme of an event to be “South Bend’s Past, Present, Future.”
  • Working 150 into your event/activity/exhibit performance—i.e., 150 great artists, 150 days of art, 150 different techniques, and so on.
  • Dedicating a play, performance, or piece of art to South Bend.
  • Adding a float to an existing parade, themed to reflect South Bend’s past, present, future.
  • Organizing a group project designed to make the city a better place.

To find out how you can get involved, visit the Celebration Partner page.

SB150 Committee Members

(Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs are listed in bold)

Fundraising and Finance
Jacqueline Barton
Todd Bruce
Diana Custer
Greg Downes
Phil Faccenda
John Farrell
Beth Ferlic
Fred Ferlic
Susan Ford
Karol Griffin
Paul Meyer
Anna Milligan
Rafael Morton
Randy Rompola
Kathryn Roos
Jim Seitz
Tim Sexton
Dick Stifel
Dave Varner
Doug Wood

Community Partners
Rebecca Bonham
Scott Brewer
Jessica Brookshire
Dru Cash
Susan Dampeer
Oliver Davis
Elizabeth Dunn
Michelle Engle
Chuck Gessert
Greg Giczi
Alfred Guillaume
Diana Hess
Amy Hill
Jane Hunter
Bob Kloska
Brian Pawlowski
Randy Ray
Susan Visser
Karen White
Kim Wilson

Programming and Events
Andre Adeyemi
Joel Barrett
Nichole Britton
Sam Centellas
Drew Elegante
Gavin Ferlic
Kristina Fuehring
George Garner
Heather Goraliski
Cara Grabowski
Meghan Huff
Saleem Ismail
Zach Klipsch
Ralph Komasinski
Erika Odlaug
Aaron Perri
Paul Phair
Marcia Qualls
Crista Tompson
Mara Trionfero
Willow Weatherall

Marketing and Promotions
Julie Curtis
Rob DeCleene
Angie Dvorak
Kaity Fuja
Garrett Gingerich
Kara Kelly
Felix Marquez
Dave Matthews
Laura Moran Walton
Ben Murray
Lou Pierce
Melinda Pierce
Andrea Rogers
David Seymour
Marilyn Thompson
John Walsh

Mark Andrews
Greg Chavez
Shay Davis
Derek Dieter
Jody Freid
Jimmy Gardner
Isabel Gonzalez
Angie Hall
Juan Hernandez, Jr.
Juliann Jankowski
Kate Lee
Canneth Lee
Karrah Miller
Bea Pedraza
Alma Powell
Tim Scott
Marguerite Taylor

Henry Davis
Mary Downes
Tony Flora
Matt Gray
Maria Harding
Katie Humphreys
Pastor Terrell Jackson
Larry LaTarte
Gladys Muhammad
Cherri Peate
John Pinter
Ann Rathburn-Lacopo
Valerie Schey
Angela Watson
Perry Watson

Honorary Co-Chairs
Pete Buttigieg
Joe Kernan
Maggie Kernan
Peg Luecke
Steve Luecke
Jerry Miller
Mark Neal
Carol Nemeth
Pete Nemeth
Roger Parent
Rolande Parent

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