Central of Vietnam – a land of festival

Vietnam – a small country lies on the East coast of Indochina Peninsula – attracts many tourists from all over the world because of its beautiful white sand beaches, mystical bays, imposing highlands, well-preserved primeval forests, numerous historical sites , deeply folk custom, inimitable cuisine, mountain ranges with some rare species of flora and fauna ….

And the most impress thing is welcoming smiles of local people. Though Vietnam has experienced war last 30 years ago, it nonetheless still retained much of the rich history and culture that are of interest to visitors. Tourists have many choices to explore natural beauties in the North, enjoy the old – time atmosphere in central and the modern way of living in the South.

Central region of Vietnam is well known for its centered location and attractive beauties. After taking a trip from Hue to Hoi An by private car, all traveller highly recommended this region for their friends, family members to spend more time to explore this charming area. Because of not just only offer the superb landscape with high mountain ranges and beautiful beaches, here also gives you chances to deepen your knowledge about Vietnam history since its formation to recent. From Hue, tourists easily reach to:

1. Hoi An Old Town

hoi an

Hoi An Old Town is located 30km south of Danang City, and 130km south of Hue, where can be reaching by private car with cheap price. Hoi An used to be an international trade center by sea on the east area in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was the busiest trading port in Dang Trong region of Vietnam during the reign of Nguyen as merchants from Japan, China, Portugal, Spain, Holland…often stopped over to exchange and purchase commodities. Hoi An was an important meeting place of many cultures, such as Champa, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese, and has been greatly impacted upon by Vietnamese and Chinese civilization.

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  • What are the highlights in there?
  • Lantern festival:

The Hoi An lantern festival is an age-old tradition that sees the entire old town shut off electricity, close to traffic and transform into a magical melange of flickering candles, multi-coloured lanterns and lively gatherings. For the locals the night of the full moon is the time to honour their ancestors by setting up altars and offering fruit and flowers, burning incense and fake money outside homes and businesses in exchange for good luck and prosperity. In the evening, Monks hold candlelit ceremonies and the Phuc Kien (Fujian) Assembly Hall on Tran Phu Street hosts an inspiring gathering of local fishing families honouring Lady Thien Hau, goddess of the sea. All attractions are free for visitors on the night of the full moon. Other entertainment includes local street musicians playing traditional instruments, poetry readings, Chinese chess matches by candlelight and other traditional theatrics and games such as bai choi, a bit like musical bingo. To have any chance of knowing what on earth is going on, you’ll need a guide.

  • The Nguyen Tieu festival:

The festival is celebrated annually by the Chinese living in Hoi An on the 16th of the first Lunar month if January at Guangdong and Chaozhou Assembly Hall. Residents of the ancient city if Hoi An is always eager to welcome the Nguyen tieu festival. On this occasion, people organize formal offering rituals at village pagodas and temples to honor God and pray for bumper crops.


hue-hoi-an-travel-guide 2. Danang is a major port city in Vietnam, located in between Hoian and Hue, and the third largest of all cities in the country.

It is a beautiful place to spend time either if you are going for holiday there or travelling through Vietnam. This beach city has miles of stunning beaches offers you as many as beach activities such as surfing, playing kite, scuba diving…

If you can get there during its festival time, you are sure to have a fantastic travel.

  • International firework Festival:

As a major activity of the festival, a firework contest themed “Shining Marble Mountains” will draw the participation of eight teams from Switzerland, Japan, the UK, Italy, Austria, Australia, China and Vietnam, who will perform every Saturday night. The top three teams will be selected to compete at the final night on June 24.

The competition will be held on a broader scale with the support of a floating stage and more stage effects than in previous events. Visitors to the event can not only enjoy brilliant firework displays but can also take part in a wide range of activities held throughout the festival, including barefoot runs on sand, a cultural programme honouring the Cham people’s culture, a cuisine festival, a beer festival and assorted street carnivals.

Even if you are in rush, if would be possible for you to travel from Hue to Danang in the afternoon and head up to Hoian after watching the firework.

trip travel to danang city

  • The VNG IRONMAN 70.3 Vietnam 2017

The event will f0eature a fast and scenic course that includes a 1.9km ocean swim in front of the beautiful Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa (host hotel and race central), a looped 90km bike ride along Danang’s pristine coastline and a 21km run that will take athletes past some of the city’s key landmarks before a stunning beach finish at the Hyatt. With tropical conditions, this warm-weather event is the perfect mid-season race to prepare athletes for their summer IRONMAN events..

  • Cocofest

This event is the Music events – Entertainment – Sports – Culinary takes place on 26th-27th August, 2017 at Cocobay, the entertaining center located in between Hoian and Danang.  Da Nang is believed to be an unique entertainment festival, the most spectacular in “the best liveable city of Vietnam”. This will be the 2nd time in Da Nang having top stars of Vietnam as well as international for a musical event. Cocofest 2016 with the theme “Tropical Colors” will include performances and musical genres, bring diversification in audience experience, ensuring unique image of cultural’s diversity, and create the art symbol of Danang to region and Asia.

3. Hue is the city with full of pleasure and discovery in your journey to Vietnam.

When you arrive here, you will have the feeling you are in love, in high spirit and with great pleasure. Every stay in Hue is not long enough to deepen your love but long enough to provide you with a feeling of romance even when you have left Hue.


  • Hue Festival is an international cultural event organized in Hue every two years to honor the priceless heritages of Hue. The first Hue Festival was called Vietnamese-French Festival and celebrated in 1992. In 2000, the festival gained its official name “Hue Festival. One of the biggest festivals in Vietnam, Hue Festival reconstructs the whole city with many community-based events which are organized both inside and outside of the city to rejuvenate the traditional values of Hue. The city also re-organizes many traditional festivals and recovers many traditional craft villages where are only reachable by private car.
  • Hue traditional handicraft festival:

This event showcases products like various activities will be done such as the street arts performances, the thundering of drums and trumpets, art exhibitions and the country’s historical films which showcase the history, ritual, and music which has been considered by UNESCO as one of the must-visit paradise etc. in the Consumer & Carnivals industry.

  • The Hue International Cuisine Festival 2016, a tourism and culture event is to honor the quintessence of Viet Nam and international culinary culture as well as to boost cultural exchange and cooperation between Viet Nam and other countries in the region and the world

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