The Top Things To Do In Hue VietNam

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Hue is viewed as a small charming city located on the central coast of Vietnam.It is rich in history and culture which is blended between French and Western architectures and heightens an impression for first-time visitors.

The city acquires a reputation for loads of local street food, tourist attractions and the slow pace of life.

  1. Eating local street food:

It is certain that visitors coming to Hue will be attracted by thousands of kinds of delicacy, especially street food, namely, Banh Nam, BanhLoc, Che… So  don’t forget to try street food before you leave here.

For me, I am a local person who has already tried numerous street foods. But when it comes to Bun Bo Hue or Hue beef noodle soup, it makes me feel mouth – watering immediately. In spite of the fact that this kind of dish becomes more and more popular in this S-shaped country, you can realize the marked difference when you eat Bun Bo Hue in its home – in Hue city. This is a flavor of MẮM RUỐC which is added into the soup to make the flavor more typical and unforgettable.

bun bo hue vietnam

While enjoying the taste of this one, remember to add a little bit of chilly fish sauce, a piece of lemon and TƯƠNG MĂNG – a kind of pungent spice of bamboo shoots.

Let’s try it soon! I can’t wait anymore!

You can start riding rented bikes throughout Hue bike tours and crossing over Huong River and Trang Tien Bridge to visit Dong Ba market and enjoy Bun Bo Hue there or some street restaurants.

  1. Visiting tourist attractions:

–    Hue Imperial City – The Citadel is the first thing that pops up into your mind when it comes to Hue city.

The Imperial City of Hue is considered as one of Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is a must-travel destination for those who want to go back in time to immerse yourself in its life-long history.

When you set foot in Ngo Mon Gate, it seems as if you are kind of hard back to the 19th century. And at the same time, it also has very charming and ancient vibe existing around you.


Hue Imperial City

Some temples, walls, and gates were badly damaged during both French and American forces as you can realize when you approach forwards them.

At night, Hue is considered as a small world with tons of different colored lights in every single corner. Let you go out and enjoy the hustling pace, sampling some street food and do not forget to explore the predominant beauty of the Citadel at night.

It is not difficult to get to the Citadel, you can book Hue bike tours or Hue motorbike tours to enjoy the full of historical attractions. It takes you about 5 minutes to get there by motorbike.

–    Thien Mu Pagoda is likely the oldest pagoda in Hue with just over 400 years old.

Thien Mu Pagoda is acclaimed for a historical site on the north bank of Huong River and its unspoiled natural beauty with the tranquil vibe and rolling pine trees.Before hitting the striking campus of Thien Mu pagoda, you have to climb up the steep stairs. After reaching the top of that, you can easily admire the octagonal tower called PhuocDuyen tower and the beautiful garden filled with high pine trees. It means that you are in harmony with nature. More interestingly, PhuocDuyen tower is visible from far away. For example when you are walking on Da Vien bridge, if you face west on your left hand, you can easily see this tower from there.

If you are into Buddhism, you can surely enjoy the legend and history of this pagoda. STAY CURIOUS ^^ 

The way to Thien Mu Pagoda is accessible by either bike or motorbike.

Entrance to Thien Mu is at no costs. 

–    Dong Ba market:

Hue city has many kinds of markets such as indoor market, outdoor market, flea market and so forth as other places on earth. But when it comes to Hue city, it is a regret for you for not paying a visit a well-known market – it is Dong Ba market.

Interestingly, the market can begin very early in the morning. It is known as the wholesale market for local residents who can purchase the freshest produce with the low-cost price. It is once-in-a-lifetime for you to explore a special scene which can delight traveler’s eyes at that time because people sell and buy products in the silence and freshness of the city.

Walking into the market you can find loads of items you want, namely, souvenirs, food and so forth.

And the useful advice for you when you go shopping there is that: “Bargain, bargain, and bargain”.

You can do the haggling to bring the price down and get lower cost.

–    Trang Tien Bridge:

When you choose Hue city as your destination, you may pass some bridges passing Huong River (Perfume River ), namely Phu Xuan bridge, Da Vien bridge and so on. But the most charming and graceful one is still known as Trang Tien bridge. The bridge has already stood there to experience the ups and downs together with over 100 years old of nation-building in Vietnam.


No matter how to pressure you are under, worries you have to face, when you get a chance to pass over Trang Tien bridge, remember to keep your eyes on surroundings around you, keep your ears on the pace of life little by little. You can find peace in your mind, feel lighter than ever.

One more time, at night, goers are more likely to go for a walk on Truong Tien bridge to enjoy the fresh air, a little wind, the peaceful flow of Huong River after a nerve-racking day long and Hue’s slow pace of life as well. How cool it is ^^

Under Trang Tien bridge, there are tons of people enjoying their supper on walking street at night.

You can get there by cyclo, by bike, by motorbike or even just on foot.

And if you are more of a landscape junkie, paying a visit to Trang Tien bridge is a must. So amazing for a destination!

  1. Immersing the slow pace of life:

If Ho Chi Minh City, Danang city or Hanoi city are your previous destinations, when you come to Hue city, you might encounter an absolutely different life in a city located in central of the S-shaped country.

Hue City is very quiet and slow pace. That is it which heightens an impression for first-time tourists. “Rush hour“ or  “traffic jam “ may not be words used to describe Hue city at all. It is also considered safety destination for everyone.

It seems to be seen as a sleepy city because it is almost sleeping at 9 pm or over. 

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of busy life, Hue city and its destinations are always waiting for you


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